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Maybe you’re a budding woodworker and you’d love the ultimate workshop, or perhaps you’re still a frat boy at heart and want an awesome party pad. Either way, you are looking for Garage Cools  plans, and there is a lot to consider out there. The difficulty with cool garage plans is that you have to have some kind of idea what you are looking for before you start looking. Start with simple outside designs that match your house, so you can increase your property value. Remember, a cool garage should be simple on the outside, filled with awesome. Think of a Twinkie. It looks pretty average; the secret is in the addictive filling.

The first step to obtaining your cool garage plans is to stake out the area, and get accurate measurements. You will need this to help you chose a structure and its dimensions. You will also want to measure the vehicles you plan to store within. This should be done with everything open so you can find what the absolute minimum size is allowed for your structure. After that, you can go crazy. If you plan to acquire new things to go with your cool garage plans, from other vehicles to a pool table, you will want to get measurements for them as well. No use getting that awesome saw of doom if it won’t fit.

Cool Garage Plans

Next you will need to contact building control. They may be called something else in your area, but these are the people who get to decide what can and cannot be building on your property, and what you must do to bring a structure to code in an area. While this sounds like a bummer, it’s actually a blessing. They will tell you exactly what you need and what you cannot have, and you can go from there. They should also tell you what kinds of plans you need for approval, and how many copies are required.

Since you are creating cool garage plans, it’s a given that you will want to be including a plumber, electrician and possibly an architect anyway. The plumber may just be putting in the piping for the Jacuzzi, but he’ll make sure when you get in the first time your shoddy electrical wiring doesn’t put you on the Darwin Award list. For obvious reasons, the electrician really shouldn’t even be a question.

You can search the internet for garage kits, which come with plans pre-fabricated for you, and there are a lot of designs out there. For cool garage plans, you’re probably going to spend around $50 for a prefab plan. Remember though, the outside should be a good match for the house; it’s the inside that counts. Once you have your plans, you can begin making a materials list. Yes, one comes in the kit, but that does not include your entire craftsman tool kit storage unit, or the Jacuzzi, let alone the paint and appliances. A truly cool garage plan needs to involve everything going into it, or you’ll end up on one of those terrible hoarder shows.

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