How To Install Your Garage Door Decorative Kits

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Installing a Garage Door Decorative Kits is not an easy operation, but is one that can be done by yourself. If you want to save money on your door installation and are confident that you are up to the job, then you can save yourself a lot of money. It is by no means a simple task, and requires time and patience. Before you start, make sure you purchase a door type that is user friendly such as a light weight model with a more simple carriage and track design.

If you buy your garage door in a garage door kit, it will inevitably come with step by step instructions as to how to install the garage door, and you will probably already have all the necessary tools you need for the installation at home. before you start, make sure that you do indeed have all the necessary tools for completing the task at hand, and that you have someone on hand to help you; doors are heavy devices with many moving parts and cannot be fitted by one person alone.

Before hanging a new door, make sure that the existing frame is in reasonable order, and that there are no signs of structural damage or rotting wood for instance. If you find rotten wood, then this must be replaced before you consider adding a new garage door.

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Next, you must assemble the rail of the door; this will come in two parts, one straight, one curved. You must make sure that both sides are aligned exactly the same as well as straight, otherwise you will find that your it does not open well. After this, you must mount the pulley system on to the rails and carriage. This must all be securely bolted into place before adding the motor. Wiring up the motor is something that you have to be extra careful with, and something that you should leave to the professionals if you are in the least bit worried.

To be extra careful on safety, the motor box should always be installed high up on a wall out of reach of children. The control panel should be completely out of reach of children to make your door really safe. Once you have your garage door correctly installed and working, then the most important thing to remember is to regularly service the door and keep it well lubricated at all times.


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