Modern Tuscan Design & Modern Home Layout

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Tuscany is thought to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. One other important distinction that this region of Central Italy maintains is that it gave rise for the Victorian decorating design that is highly popular. Tuscany is known for its picturesque countryside vistas and sway. Your home is 1 area where you can really showcase this modern Tuscan design style.

Steps of The Way to Decor a Home with Modern Tuscan Design

Start your project by coordinating these items; plastering paint, chandelier, furniture and some accessories. Such as vases, urns, wall art, glass and rock accents, centerpieces, candles, ceramics, curtains, potted blossom plants.

Following that, start with your walls. A difference can be made by A very simple paint job. Consider placing traditional weathered colors on the walls. These modern colors represent the tones and colors seen in countryside arenas: brown trees, olives and green; sunlight, golden; and blue. Or paint a landscape mural on the wall comprising wheat fields, olive trees and vineyards. Another Tuscan technique is fresco, plastering the walls painting a mural over the plaster.

Find matching furniture. To play up the rustic, Tuscan texture, start looking for wood-hewn or wooden styles of everything dining table furniture that you desire and chairs, hutches and stools to your breakfast countertops. If you’re redecorating a kitchen, then give it a new look by painting your cabinets among of those colors. Also use these colors in seat cushions and table centerpieces. Replace the plain light fixture over the dining table with a modern chandelier.

Pull it all together. Add a few modern finishing touches that are Tuscan. Put down and urns. Perhaps a wreath, an iron art bit, or Hang a tapestry made from grapevines on the wall. Utilize stone and glass accents. Utilize wine bottles, grape bunches and baskets . On a corner shelving unit, set decorative objects such as candles and neatly piled Italian ceramics. Hang drapes made of designer Italian fabrics on this window. Bring in using plants that grow in tropical land, such as agave and lavender on touch of greenery.

Modern Tuscan design and colors are on the list of latest interior decorating trends today, and it’s not difficult to comprehend why, because the weathered appearance, which is inspired by the rich colors and generous hospitality of the Mediterranean region of Tuscany, is welcoming and warm.

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